New Novel OUT NOW – Heavy Load by S.E. Nethery

SE Nethery - Author of Heavy Load

“You have to give in this life to receive.”

When Ed Costigan is asked to counsel a troubled alcoholic, he wasn’t expecting to be met at the door with such aggression. Tim Finnegan, an out of control young war veteran, is right on the edge.

After a lifetime of fighting his demons, Ed tries to connect with Tim by sharing his own harrowing tale of surviving Vietnam, alcoholism, PTSD, and the memory of a terrible act that saw him jailed. But will Tim cool down long enough to hear him out?

Ed shares his heavy load, but there’s one more secret left that will rock Tim to his core and change things forever.

Heart-wrenching, funny and moving, Heavy Load the debut novel of S.E. Nethery.

2 thoughts on “New Novel OUT NOW – Heavy Load by S.E. Nethery

  1. Jimi G says:

    What a terrific book and a great read
    The attention to historical and geographic detail is amazing , many books just don’t bother to get it all right
    This one does and has a solid message
    This book has got the lot
    Should be on the Senior Schools Reading List
    Its a ” can’t put down ” book

    • sen-admin says:

      Thanks, Jimi for your positive feedback. I’m so glad you enjoyed Heavy Load and you found a solid message in the book. My next novel is cooking.

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