It is the early hours of the morning in late 1943. A Royal Air Force (RAF) Lancaster bomber is heading towards the Peugeot Motor Works Sochaux, Nazi-occupied France. The Germans are engaged in a secret project to produce a deadly new missile. For the British Government, it is imperative that the factory be taken out.

Strapped into the rear gun turret is 23- year- old Australian Frank Casey. He is a hardened flyer with many operations under his belt.

They successfully drop their payload and are heading back to their base in Lincolnshire England.

Suddenly out of the darkness comes a Messerschmitt Bf 109 nightfighter. The Lancaster is hit and subsequently explodes, but not before Frank parachutes to safety. None of his crew will survive.

Frank Casey’s life is about to be altered forever.

Long Flight Home is my latest work of fiction I am working on.Due for release in 2022.

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